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Woodfines were excellent

Having not come from the area we hadn’t used Woodfines before. We found them to be fantastic, timely and very diligent. Claire was really helpful and took away a lot of the stress by providing great advice.

A very difficult situation extremely well handled

Sylvia Goulding handled a commercial sale for me and recommended Claire for a very difficult litigation matter which had by then been drawn out over 7 years. The matter was complicated and the time period had allowed vital evidence to be lost by the other parties. Claire was able to bring clarity to the situation and steer a course through the continual obfuscation and misinformation which had clouded the previous 7 years. She was also able to manage my expectations with a realistic but genuinely sympathetic approach. Through careful reading and understanding Claire was able to rescue my case from the edge of disaster and help find some justice.

Excellent service

Woodfines were a great choice of solicitor to sort out the litigation that had been going on for around 4 years. I was very impressed with the service I received from Claire, she kept me informed of what was happening at all stages and dealt with the issue effectively. I was genuinely impressed. I can't thank Claire enough for finally sorting this out for me!