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With complexities in land ownership, changing regulations, and the challenges of succession planning, today’s agribusinesses require sound legal advice and a partner who understands the intricacies of the agricultural sector. Woodfines’ Agribusiness and Rural Property teams have a deep-rooted knowledge of agricultural law, and we are committed to guiding you through these intricacies with a personal approach, as unique as your business. Our comprehensive services are designed to assist you in all aspects of your agricultural business.

Our Services

Our comprehensive services are designed to assist you in all aspects of your agricultural business.

  • Farm Business Tenancies & Agricultural Holdings and Tenancies

    We provide expert advice on creating, renewing and terminating farm business tenancies, as well as navigating the complex tenancies under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1966.

  • Farming Partnership Agreements

    Our team of specialist agricultural solicitors can help you draft, review and negotiate farming partnership agreements, ensuring your business structures are legally sound and optimised for the future

  • Management Contracting & Share Farming

    Whether you're considering a management contract or looking at share farming options, we offer advice based on extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of agricultural law and business.

  • Sale & Acquisition of Farms & Farmland

    From assessing the measures to be taken before a property goes to market to the sale or purchase transaction itself, our team guides clients through every step of the sales and acquisition process, ensuring our clients a smooth, seamless experience.

  • Sporting Rights & Grazing Agreements

    We can assist with negotiating and drafting sporting rights and grazing agreements, protecting your interests while maximising the value of your land.

  • Common Agricultural Policy Reforms

    As the agricultural sector adjusts to new CAP reforms, our team can help you understand these changes and strategise accordingly.

  • Land Issues (Pipelines, Telecommunications Sites, Wayleaves)

    We provide clear advice on resolving diverse land issues like pipeline easements, telecommunications sites, and wayleaves.

  • Redundant Farm Buildings for Business Use

    Our team can help you explore and navigate the legal and regulatory issues surrounding the conversion of redundant farm buildings for other business uses helping you to diversify.

  • Sale & Acquisition of Farming & Agribusiness Companies

    We offer specialist advice and support for selling and acquiring farming and agribusiness companies, ensuring your transactions are strategically sound and legally compliant.

  • Minerals, Waste, & Common Land:

    Our experienced team can guide you through the legal complexities surrounding minerals, waste management, and issues related to common land.

  • Employment Law Issues

    From employee contracts to dispute resolution, our employment law specialists can handle all employment-related legal matters within your agricultural business.

  • Regulatory Law, Including Road Transport Matters

    We advise on various regulatory issues, ensuring your business complies with all relevant laws and regulations, including road transport matters.

  • Private Client Issues, Including Wills, LPAs, and Succession Planning

    We provide sensitive and comprehensive advice on a wide range of personal client issues, including drafting wills, setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs), and strategic succession planning to secure the future of your agricultural business.

Our Approach

At Woodfines, the key to effective legal counsel is a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses. This understanding allows us to tailor our approach to meet your specific needs, whether by organising a team to handle the sale or purchase of a large farming company or by an individual lawyer carrying out a land transfer or addressing an employment-related or regulatory issue.

We understand that rural property goes beyond the business envelope, so we aim to provide individual solutions and serve the agricultural and rural communities by working closely with other professionals on a long-term basis. We work hand in hand with your accountants and land agents and can deal with all property-related issues and general legal problems and can provide support with tax problems.

Meet the team

Why choose us?

Charlotte was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and efficient.

Buying and selling Land

Charlotte has acted on several cases in the past 12 months for us both buying and selling land with difficult circumstances in all cases. In the first cases five clients had involvement and concluded in very quick time with initial contracts being exchanged in under a month. At all times I felt that our interests are the main with a good conclusion in all cases.

What a way to help people! I couldn't fault it - Charlotte Benjamin and Caroline Nightingale were superb, They were totally professional, friendly, speedy and concise; they kept us up to date with proceedings and were totally upfront with costings. Who could ask for more? I would certainly recommend them to everyone (who needs such advice and help).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do agricultural solicitors do?

    Agricultural solicitors specialise in a unique blend of property, business, and environmental law, offering bespoke advice to clients within the agricultural sector. They assist with various issues, including selling and purchasing agricultural property, farming partnership agreements, farm business tenancies, regulatory matters, succession planning, and more.

  • What do agricultural solicitors do?

    Agricultural law in the UK is a specialised area of law that deals with legal issues related to agriculture, including farming, land use, environmental protection, and more. It encompasses a variety of issues, from the rights and obligations of agricultural workers to the use and protection of natural resources.

  • What do agricultural solicitors do?

    An agricultural solicitor can offer invaluable support in navigating the complex legal landscape of the farming industry. They can assist with partnership agreements, tenancy issues, buying and selling land or agricultural businesses, dealing with regulatory bodies, planning for the future with wills and succession planning, and much more.

  • What do agricultural solicitors do?

    Succession planning in agricultural law involves making arrangements for the future of your farm or agricultural business. This can include creating a will, setting up trusts, planning for inheritance tax, and outlining the business transfer to the next generation.

  • How can I contact Woodfines' agribusiness and rural property team?

    Our team is ready to help with your agricultural legal needs. You can reach us by phone or email and we also welcome you to visit our offices for a personal discussion.

Planting Seeds for a Flourishing Future

At Woodfines, we know that the issues you face as landowners, farmers, and agribusinesses are unique. We're committed to providing you with the specialist knowledge and legal advice necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of agricultural law. Whether it's questions on farm business tenancies, understanding the agrarian property law, or dealing with tax implications, Woodfines is here to help. Contact us today to learn how we can help you cultivate a robust and sustainable future for your agricultural business.