Kulshoma Begum

Wills, Probate & Lifetime Planning

Kulshoma joined Woodfines in October 2021 as an assistant in the Operations team having obtained her Law Degree (LLB Hons) in Cambridge. Prior to this Kulshoma worked as a case worker at the Office of the Traffic Commissioner and was a personal secretary for the Senior Traffic Commissioner. In April 2023 Kulshoma joined the Private Client department as a Paralegal as the next step in becoming a Solicitor. She will be enrolling for her Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) in 2024.

More about Kulshoma…

What’s the most daring/scariest thing you have done?

Agreeing to get on a Jet Ski with my 17-year-old brother in Malta. He started accelerating while turning and the Jet Ski tilted over, and I fell straight into the water and almost drowned. Wrong decision clearly!

If you weren’t a lawyer or in your current profession, what would you be doing?

A teacher.